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  • A one-room flat


    I offer a one-room flat in Wroclaw / Krzyki , at Jaworowa 40c/5

    The apartment is located on the second floor of a 3-storey building. It consists of one room, bathroom and hall, where the kitchenette is located. There is also a large balcony with a nice view.

    The size of the flat is 17 m 2 + 3m 2 balcony.

    The apartment is renovated. The bathroom has a shower with a paddling pool, in the pre-room there is a kitchenette with a gas stove, a refrigerator and a new washing machine. In the room, wardrobes, table, new fold-out couch, LCD TV

    The flat has new, flat windows and balcony doors.

    The apartment is recommended for rent to a person who likes peace, because of the nice surroundings, lots of greenery and the neighborhood of parks. There is no problem with parking the car in front of the house. There are no traffic jams in the whole area, there is only a small housing estate.

    Despite the good location, away from traffic, it is close to shops, hypermarkets, schools or kindergartens. There is a convenient access by public transport to the center and to the university. About 30 meters to the tram stop of lines 9 and 15 and bus 127, about 100 meters to the bus stop 144 and several others.

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